Reese Smith is one of Houston’s most highly recognized chefs due to her wildly successful original recipes. She creates various types of alcoholic drinks since one of her passions is to mix and blend liquids. In fact, she even became a bartender at a young age. In her active role in the bartending industry and years of inspiring culinary experience in Houston and in the entire states of Texas, she finally decides to open her own cocktail bar and restaurant in 2005. It began serving the city with great food and drinks. All her success and inspiration in life, she gave credits to her parents. Since its opening, it has been praised by so many popular and leading culinary magazines, food and drinks magazine, news, tv shows, and a lot more due to its success in no time.

Tender PGH best cocktail bar and restaurant in town

Reese first focused on her first ever cocktail bar and restaurant as she wants to give all her spirits strength to make it excellent and always on top. Now, she managed to expand her business and there are new Tender PGH cocktail bar and restaurants that are being built at present in Dallas. You can always see Reese in her restaurant as she wants to manage it by herself and know personally the reaction, suggestion, and concern of the customers to enhance her business’ services. Again, we are expecting the support of customers this time in Dallas for her unique cocktail bar and restaurant. Since there will be another Tender PGH built soon in Dallas, Reese will become busier and her time spending in the main branch will lessen because she needs to go and manage the other Tender PGH branch.

Tender PGH cocktail bar and restaurant is fairly recognized and awarded over the years and now it is continuously topping the field. We are nominated in the upcoming award ceremony this month and another one on the same category.