Welcome to Tender PGH website, we are glad that you stopped by! We believe that you are looking for the best cocktail bar and restaurant in town that’s why you’re here. Good news, you are in the right place! Please allow us to introduce our Tender PGH cocktail bar and restaurant located in the heart of Houston. We are the only cocktail bar and restaurant with a unique style of venue inside out. At the inside venue, the restaurant has walls with layers of different kinds of wines and other drinks. It also has a huge marble bar. On the external exterior, you will be enticed of our unique garage door in Houston with our outside patio. Isn’t it stress relieving when you spend your time with friends having a good time after a long week of work? It’s Friday night again, friends! You’re in luck if you want to celebrate your weekend here in Tender PGH with our happy hour.


Happy Hours have been running on most bars and restaurant around the world for decades. It is a unique way to promote their bar and drinks. Happy Hour becomes more popular these days as it is where individuals hold their after-work party. It involves a cheap draft, some pretzels, a basket of popcorn, a fistful of peanuts but now it evolved already and the nibbles and the drinks leveled up. This is most especially since culinary expertise started to build an idea on the food that will compliment on the drinks, not just simple appetizers. Even the drinks became more interesting and experimental and almost all restaurants around the globe gladly responded to Happy Hour with increased offerings and expanded hours.

Tender PGH is one of the respondents as we love to give more happiness and exciting experience to our clients after their long days of work. With our overflowing drinks such as cocktails, wines, beer, and more with special recipes from our executive chef that will complement our drinks, you’ll surely have fun with our happy hour that we’ve made even happier than ever for you. The alcohol prices can be considered inexpensive because at the flat rate you will enjoy the overflowing drinks. The city loves happy hour and they love it at Tender PGH cocktail bar and restaurant.

Tender PGH best cocktail bar and restaurant in town

Our cocktail menu on our casual-smart bar is divided into 5 different flavors that are very popular not only for the locals but also for the tourists of Houston. When you say Tender PGH, they know that we are the most popular bar to meet for drinks after work. You will never see a cocktail bar like ours in town. Our Happy Hour is already great but we have been leveling it up as we want to make you happier. A new taste, new drinks, new food, new band, new atmosphere, and a new look at the same price, that’s what we have in our made better and happier hour.
Thank you for reading our blog, hope to see you next time in our site. We are also hoping for your presence in our Tender PGH at Houston soon.