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Garage Door Repair_ Problems with the Remote

It is wondering and convenient open and closes the garage door with the help of a single button of a small handy remote. Just imagine, what happens when your garage door does not respond to the garage door remote. Basically, there are two things that you can do: first, you can start leaving your car in the drive path or you should be thinking about fixing the malfunctioning. If you are not sure about how to fix the problems of garage door remotes, you should call a professional garage door contractor like, Pro Garage Door Indianapolis to help you in this regard.

Common garage door problems:

Normally, garage door problems happen due to the failure of the batteries. You should replace the batteries of the remote and try to operate the garage door to make sure that the garage door itself is working properly. In case, the garage door remote fails to work with new batteries, you should be thinking of trying another testing technique.

Reprogramming the garage door remote:

There are chances that the garage door remote stop functioning just because the garage door opener become malfunction which needs to be reprogrammed. In some cases, the logic board of the opener forgets the codes due to the default setting. You can resolve the problem by just reprogramming the garage door opener. It is something that is easy, fast, and simple to do. In this case, you will have to turn off the button located on the side of the garage door opener. Push it for about 30 seconds to reprogram the garage door opener. Try to open or close the garage door using a remote to see the response of the opener. There is a possibility that the lights will turn on and make a noticeable sound. It is a notification that your opener has been reprogrammed.

Buy a new garage door remote:

After replacing the batteries of the remote and reprogramming the opener, the garage door remote is supposed to function correctly without any issue. However, if it does not happen, it is time to buy a new remote. While shopping for a new remote, you have to ensure that you are getting the right model and specification. Not all the remotes work with all models of garage doors. Otherwise, each time when you arrive house, all the garage doors would open in your neighborhood. Test your new remote without removing its packaging. If it works then the old remote is faulty. If not, you need to call a garage door expert to figure out what is going wrong. In the era of technology, you don’t need a simple screwdriver and you just need to call the right garage door services.