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Garage Door Spring Replacement Risks

Garage door springs are used to assist the garage door in the opening and closing process of the garage door. They are heavy-duty and premium quality springs that support the weighted garage door to run smoothly. While you may not understand due to the support of springs your garage door is heavy.

On average, garage doors are up to 500 pounds. Garage door springs are used so that you can do the garage door opening and closing effortlessly. These springs last about 10,000 operating cycles. It means that they have five to seven years of working life breaking need to be replaced. Many people may look at the garage door springs and think that it is truly an easy task that they can attempt on their own but before starting the project, you should understand the dangers of garage door springs installation or replacement.

Garage door springs can easily lift and lower the garage door that weighs somewhere above three to four hundred pounds. Due to the high tension of these springs, if they break they can significantly hurt you or damage your property. Garage door spring replacement presents the same dangers as a spring breakage situation.

In case, the spring slips from the tool being installed to hold it into place, it can become

a lethal projectile that can hurt you. In addition to this, the springs can cause significant injuries and damage. If you are not sure how to handle these devices, hire a professional garage door contractor like, San Antonio garage door spring replacement to help you.

When you remove the old springs, the garage door is no longer supported by any other trusted component. If the garage door is in the opened position, it can fall along with tracks on you or your car unless it is supported. Remember that a garage door opener is used to open or close the garage door with the help of springs but it is not a trustworthy device to support the garage door itself. If the garage door falls down then its weight can crush smash any human, car, or property. A garage door with glass windows could send broken pieces of glass flying upon different objects. The broken glass may be flying both inside and outside the garage.

Garage door spring installation and replacement is not an easy job for amateur individuals, but it should be left to professional garage door technicians. Not only do they have the correct tools and knowledge for the project but also they will have a better understanding of the garage door springs. They have been trained and qualified appropriately to install the springs so that they will not hurt anyone.

If the above statements have not convinced you to hire a professional garage door contractor, then at least call them to get free cost estimation before trying to attempt anything on your own. You will experience that these professionals can do this project in less than one hour but the cost is a little more than you would pay for the garage door spring replacement project. If you need to buy special tools then your saving may be lost on that purchase which you will not use again for next year. You will spend less and save more than if you hire professional garage door services. Since there are many garage door spring replacement dangers, make sure that your chosen technician has been insured and bonded to cover the cost of all damages.