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Tender PGH is definitely worth coming back for. Their happy hour is the best in town, very enticing, overflowing alcoholic drinks and the live band that they have just make the place livelier and brighter. I’ve celebrated quite a few events there so this place has a space in my heart. You must try all their special drinks and special food. Roasted peanuts are unlimited. Don’t miss their Happy Hour, guys! – Victoria

What a great vibe! I was able to try the happy hour of Tender PGH from 6:00 – 9:00 PM where you have a menu page for cocktails, beers, and wines and it is unlimited for the price that is reasonable. The drinks go with a single serve of their chef’s specialty nibbles and unlimited roasted nuts. This would be a perfect chance for a heavy drinker considering the price of drinks is way cheaper than when you buy drinks alone on an ordinary day or in other marketplaces. – James

My friends and I had a really satisfying experience at Tender PGH. We went there to have our lunch and the crew offered their happy hour on that day so we waited for a few hours in the nearby area and came back after for their happy hour. The cocktail bar highlights their signature cocktail drinks and chef’s specialty for a set flat rate which for us is a very reasonable price. – John

I have to say that this place has the tastiest risotto I’ve ever tried in my life. The foods are just right. You may find them a bit pricey but it is worth the amount you are going to pay for it. Very refreshing and deliciously good food. Give it a try. The atmosphere and customer service were great. I will definitely come back here again and again. – Dionne