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The Steps to Success for Garage Door Repair Project

A garage door repair project does not have to be as hard as it sounds. Even for beginners, there are some simple tasks that can be performed before a professional garage door service has to be called. Routine garage door maintenance services actually start from the construction or installation phase of the garage door. Constructing a garage with sufficient space and the right garage door opening can help you to reduce the stress of garage door problems later on. More helpful information and suggestions on garage doors services can be found at

Garage door size and garage dimensions:

The standard size of a garage for one or two cars is constructed with 24×24 (twenty-four by twenty-four foot) space. A much more roomy or specious garage is 28×28 (twenty-eight by twenty-eight feet) in the area. Garage door size is an important and seriously taken consideration. A standard size garage door is nine feet wide and seven feet high and suitable for the standard garage door. These standard garage doors are best for cars, vans, or suburban. A larger garage door will be ten feet wide and eight feet tall which are also considered as custom garage doors. These garage doors work for every type of vehicle. For trucks and family vans, a larger ten-foot-wide and eight feet tall garage door is best.

While constructing a garage, it is always recommended that go with the standard size garage door. Even just making a garage door opening a few inches narrow or wider will need the customized garage door which you can get on special order. It can be an expensive option to get. While constructing a garage for larger vehicles, it is essential to make sure that the ceiling of the garage must also higher. A standard ceiling height will be eight feet high which matches the seven-foot-high garage door but a bigger garage door needs a nine or ten-foot overhead clearance space inside the construction.

Garage door repair services:

Garage door repair work starts from the inspection of garage door tracks. They should be straightened, dent-free, and aligned correctly. If your garage door cannot travel up and down smoothly on the tracks, you need to pay special attention to your garage door tracks. Minor garage door dents can be pounded using a hammer to tap the tracks back to their right position. Garage door tracks beyond fixing should be replaced. Garage doors have some moving components so; the next task is to check them to make sure that they are not loose. If you found any loose screw or blot inside the mounting brackets. a simple screwdriver will help you to fix the problems.

The next thing is to check the garage door rollers. If the rollers are gummed up with accumulated grease or dirt, they will not run smoothly. They will also decrease the life of the garage door. Dirt rollers should be cleaned and damaged rollers should be replaced for the smooth functioning of a garage door. Once you clean the garage door components, lubricate them with any high-quality silicone spray. And finally, inspect the garage door springs and cables to make sure they are tensed properly. The broken garage door spring should be replaced with the help of professional garage door technicians.

Routine garage door maintenance can increase the life of the garage doors and reduce potential problems. Sooner or later you will end up with garage door repair bills, but at least if the regular checkups are performed every few months, your garage door should have good working life.